[distcc] Re: --jobs

Jeff rustysawdust at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 16 18:30:00 GMT 2003

Lisa M. wrote:
> A decimal limit can be added to any host specification to restrict the
> number of jobs that this client will send to the machine. 

I'm really more interested in enforcing the server limit as I can't 
easily control all the clients settings. I'm guessing that I'm not 
seeing the default behavior due to a bug or a documentation error. If my 
systems were a little more powerful this wouldn't be a big deal, but 
there's some fairly ancient animals on this farm! :)

However your suggestion gave me an idea -- has anyone used a centralized 
hosts file? Each user could just symlink their .distcc/hosts file to the 
one on the network (via nfs). That way each time a system is added or 
removed each user wouldn't have to edit their file, and I also could use 
your idea to limit the # of jobs.

-- Jeff

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