[distcc] --jobs

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Thu Jul 17 00:25:52 GMT 2003

On 16 Jul 2003, Jeff <rustysawdust at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I'm confused by the documentation for --jobs, on the man page it says 
> that "By default the concurrency is set proportionally to the number of 
> processors on the machine". However on my one processor system, unless I 
> explicitly add '--jobs 1' it seems to run more than compiler. I'm 
> running in daemon mode, is there anything else I could be doing wrong? 
> Is the proportion mentioned on the man page something other than 1:1?

The proportion is in fact 3:1.  (I suppose the documentation should be
a bit more clear.)  

This is to allow for the fact that some of the server processes will
be busy with network IO some of the time.  If you only ran one
process, the CPU would be unnecessary idle during network transit.

Of course you can force it to 1 if e.g. the machine is too small to
run more than one job.


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