[distcc] --with-included-docs flag for configure script

Frerich Raabe frerich.raabe at gmx.de
Mon Jun 23 16:01:17 GMT 2003


would it be possible to add a --with-included-docs flag for distcc's configure 
script which makes it install the HTML documentation as shipped in the 
tarball, opposing to rebuilding everything using linuxdoc? I can't ship a 
patch which does that right now (I'm not at home), but it would be most 
excellent if somebody (actually, one particular person :-) could sneak that 
in before the 2.7.1 release.

- Frerich

"Irgendwie haben die Leute das mit der Meinungsfreiheit falsch verstanden,
man darf eine Meinung haben, man muss nicht. Wenn man keine Ahnung hat,
einfach mal Fresse halten."

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