[distcc] distcc 2.3 is out

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri May 16 07:05:12 GMT 2003

Happy hacking!

distcc-2.3  "come down like a ton of bricks"  2003-05-16


    * Respond more gracefully to protocol derailments.  In particular,
      banner messages sometimes seem to get into the stream when
      distcc is run from inetd, and they were previously a bit hard to
      diagnose.  This won't fix the configuration problem that causes
      them, but it should make the problem obvious.

    * The client now tries all addresses for each server, in the order
      returned by the resolver.

    * Client and server now use IPv6 if requested, where this is
      supported by the system.  The server still binds to an IPv4
      address by default, but this can be set by the --listen option.
      Client access control is not supported yet for IPv6.


    * Fix possible bug in loading host list files.

    * Startup errors are now reported to stderr, unless that is a
      socket in which case they are sent to syslog.  This should be a
      better tradeoff between making errors obvious and the
      requirements of inetd mode.


    * Add description of --listen to manual, plus other improvements.
      Patch from Frerich Raabe.

    * Various clarifications to the manual.

    * Add documentation of DISTCC_FALLBACK, DISTCC_SSH, execution over
      SSH, and host list files.


    * Two Mac OS X fixes from Benjamin Reed: Use the BSD method to
      discover the number of CPUs, and include types.h where it is

    * Improved portability of snprintf fallback implementation.  Now
      works again on dietlibc/Linux.  Some fixes merged from Samba


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