[distcc] Running on multiple serversproblem / persistent connections

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri May 16 05:22:54 GMT 2003

On 15 May 2003, Michal Czerwinski <holmier at mail.inomail.pl> wrote:
> Hi, 
> I have a problem of distributing compiling on multiple machines.  I
> have set up the distccd in daemon mode on two machines, exported
> proper variables (export DISTCC_HOSTS='lider skate') where of course
> there are aliases in /etc/hosts, a then started to compile.
> Everything goes grat except that that compile process is shared only
> with lider host, when skat is unused and waiting for connection.

As Patrick said, are you using -j?  And is this tree actually capable
of doing a parallel build?

Do you want to build on localhost as well?

> And last suggestion.
> distcc establish connection evry time it has file to compile, i
> think that better way of doing this is persisten connection, and
> exchanging the data in one connecion, after compiling is done, we
> could close the connection, or after timeout.

OK.  Is there a particular reason why you think this would help?  For
TCP on a local network the time to establish a new connection is


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