[distcc] Re: Running on multiple serversproblem / persistent connections

Patrick Ruckstuhl rucpat at solnet.ch
Thu May 15 17:07:48 GMT 2003


> Everything goes grat except that that compile process is shared only with
lider host, when skat is unused and
> waiting for connection.

I'm quite new with distcc myself, but have you let multiple instances
running? E.g. "make j4"? I'm not sure, but it could be that if you just
"make" the files get compiled one by one and so only the first server gets

> Other thing.
> When lider is down, the compile process is doing locally, I think it
should then try to use skate.

Jep, I agree with that, found it already in the TODO file of distcc

> distcc establish connection evry time it has file to compile, i think that
better way of doing this is persisten
> connection, and exchanging the data in one connecion, after compiling is
done, we could close the connection, or after
> timeout.

That would imho be very useful, with something like this it may also be
possible to use normal ssh with a reasonable speed.

greets Patrick

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