[distcc] Running on multiple serversproblem / persistent connections

Michal Czerwinski holmier at mail.inomail.pl
Thu May 15 16:46:48 GMT 2003


I have a problem of distributing compiling on multiple machines.
I have set up the distccd in daemon mode on two machines, exported proper variables 
 (export DISTCC_HOSTS='lider skate') where of course there are aliases in /etc/hosts, a then started to compile.

Everything goes grat except that that compile process is shared only with lider host, when skat is unused and 
waiting for connection.

I've checked the log in verbose mode, and they are saying that two hosts are found - skate and lider, bu cpu locks is 
done only on lider.

Same thing happens when the firts host is skate and second is lider.

Other thing. 
When lider is down, the compile process is doing locally, I think it should then try to use skate.

Both lider and skate, are FreeBSD-4.8 stable.

And last suggestion.

distcc establish connection evry time it has file to compile, i think that better way of doing this is persisten 
connection, and exchanging the data in one connecion, after compiling is done, we could close the connection, or after 


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