[distcc] Re: Distcc & GDB (fix)

Thomas Walker Thomas.Walker at morganstanley.com
Tue May 13 15:09:33 GMT 2003

btw- I noticed last night that the sunpro compiler (6.2), Intel compiler
(7.1), and MIPSpro ( all behave like this as well.  Can anyone
think of a good reason why anyone would want this?  This likely does not
bode well for getting this changed in gcc...

Martin Pool wrote:

> I suppose one really useful thing Thomas might do as a Red Hat
> customer is point out "hey, there really is this bug in gcc, and it's
> hurting us, and we'd like you to get it fixed."  That sounds like the
> pay-for-priority free software support model working well.
> I would hope no one would deny it's a bug, or that there are tolerably
> clean ways to get it fixed.
> Is there a Red Hat bug number for it yet?  Thomas, perhaps you'd like
> to open one (if you want), pointing to the gcc-patches discussion.
> --
> Martin

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