[distcc] Re: Distcc & GDB (fix)

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Tue May 13 03:17:26 GMT 2003

On 12 May 2003, Wayne Davison <wayned at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:
> On Tue, May 13, 2003 at 12:08:39PM +1000, Martin Pool wrote:
> > Both situations have problems.
> I can imagine one other potential scenario:  make ccache smart enough in
> its understanding of the object-file format so that it can leave out the
> debug-dir info from its hash computation 

ccache hashes the .i and arguments, not the .o file.  At the moment
the base directory is not present in any of them, but fetched from
gcc's pwd.

> and substitute it to the
> current user's value on a cache hit.  This allows there to be a match
> between identical files in different source dirs, and also makes the
> debug-dir value get set correctly on all builds (this presumes that the
> hard-link option is not on, which I would personally never use).

Yes, that would be possible.  Presumably libbfd or elfutils would
provide a sufficient interface to extract and change the particular

Modifying .o files feels more intrusive and risky than merely carrying
them across the network.

Other hacks are possible -- see the archives.


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