[distcc] Re: Distcc & GDB (fix)

Thomas Walker Thomas.Walker at morganstanley.com
Mon May 12 15:05:34 GMT 2003

Sorry for my absence from the dscussion, I was busy doing my very best to
not look at a computer all weekend :)
As I understand it, the concern is that implememnting this kind of fix in
gcc would cause ccache to break (I don't use it but have a general idea of
how it works) because developers working in different baseline directories
would cause ccache's hash check to fail simply due to the directory
information in the .i files.
I still believe that the inconsistent behaviour is a bug that should be
addressed in cpp.  If ccache doesn't care about the # directives in
preprocessed code it should probably do so explicitely rather than blindly
(simply because cpp doesn't give it complete information).  It should be
noted that, even without this fix, developers who are working in different
baseline directories will still encounter problems with ccache because
included headers found via -I get full paths prepended to them as well,
thus causing the .i files to differ elsewhere.
I will consider including in my request the possibility of
enabling/disabling the source directory inclusion via a compiler switch but
I feel that that will hurt the position that this is a bug that needs to be
squashed rather than a feature request.  I'm open to any other suggestions
that anyone might have but am intending to add the patch and request to the
bug report I opened with Redhat by the end of the day.  (Incidentally, I
submitted this through enterprise support contacts at Redhat so the acutal
request is not viewable by the general public but I will let people know if
it gets accepted)


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