[distcc] Re: gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as'

Dimitri PAPADOPOULOS-ORFANOS papadopo at shfj.DECOY.cea.NOSPAM.fr
Mon May 12 15:09:46 GMT 2003


> Since upgrading from distcc-2.0.1 to distcc-2.1 we keep geeting such 
> errors and distributed compilations fail:
> gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `as': No such file or directory

I read in the NEWS file:

	* The search path is examined in both the client and
	  server, and directories containing distcc (and ccache,
	  where appropriate) masquerade hooks are removed. This
	  should help prevent distcc accidentally invoking itself
	  recursively on either client or server. Patch from
	  Wayne Davison.

Since I have PATH problems, this change could be causing the problems 
I'm experiencing.

Which would be the easiest way to debug distccd? I'm going to run it 
with the --verbose option flag, but I would typically need to dump the 
value of PATH and other similar info. Should I attach the debugger to a 
running distccd process on one of the machines?


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