[distcc] Re: [ccache] Re: How to debug ccache

Claes Wallin clawa570 at cyd.liu.se
Fri Mar 28 12:34:15 GMT 2003

> my question is, how can i let say set a DEBUG_OPTION flag to see all these 
> options and see thats ccache saying there is header.h or gcc-options-x that is 
> not the same like in the ccache files i must recompile this.

Well, the options are probably the same if you use the same Makefile (or are
perhaps your gentoo compile options different?), but try this:

machine1$ gcc -E file.c >machine1.i
machine2$ gcc -E file.c >machine2.i
machine2$ diff machine1.i machine2.i

You will probably discover that they are not entirely the same, which would be
why you get a cache miss.

One more thing: Are the source files on the same path on the two machines?
I think that is included in the checksum as well.


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