[distcc] Re: [ccache] Re: How to debug ccache

Kris Coryn Kris.Coryn at Pandora.be
Fri Mar 28 06:35:10 GMT 2003

> Sorry, I don't understand what you're trying to say.

Sorry for my english but may i try again.

the ccache program works perfectly for me.
on a machine first compile something it add its work to the cache
and the second time a compile the same source it takes the objects from the 
cache what speed up the compilation time. prima job

but now i have other machine and want to have also the speed up in the network 
so if i compile a source on a machine the first time it at his work to the 
cache that is for every pc the same nfs shared map. ( man ccache SHARING A 
CACHE is ok)

an if i compile the source on a other machine than it takes the object form 
the network shared cache, but thats my problem

a simple hello_world.c program works fine, this say that i have configured the 
ccache good.

but it doesnt work correctly with complexer program's , and like you say al 
the headers, compilers options, etc etc i dont know all the parameters, must 
be the same, or there is no hit for it .
my question is, how can i let say set a DEBUG_OPTION flag to see all these 
options and see thats ccache saying there is header.h or gcc-options-x that is 
not the same like in the ccache files i must recompile this.

of course i can make a copie of the disk from my first pc to the second pc 
this weekend change the ip an go on that must be good, but if i later have 
installed something newer on the one and not on the other pc than i have the 
problem again and it should be easy perhaps to backtrace it with toggling a 
debug option or so in ccache.

now i go working but i do a emerge world because it is a gentoo distro to be 
sure it al the tools are in sync.

i hope you understand my problem ?

> Try 
>   ls -l /usr/bin/gcc 
> or whatever compiler name is appropriate.
> Do you have *exactly* the same headers on both machines?  If not, you
> are likely to get misses.

Kris Coryn

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