[distcc] distcc 2.0 released

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Fri Mar 28 05:22:39 GMT 2003

I'm happy to announce availability of distcc 2.0.  The major new
feature is "masquerade" mode, which allows you to use distcc with no
modifications to Makefiles by hooking invocations of cc.  This version
includes many other performance, correctness, and portability

Thanks to everyone who sent patches, suggestions, bug reports or
encouragement, and in particular to Wayne for the masquerade patch.


distcc-2.0  "shoot through like a Bondi tram"  2003-03-28


    * Fix small signal handling race that would occasionally cause distccd not
      to exit when signalled.  Pointed out by Vance Lankhaar.

    * If DISTCC_LOG is an empty string, treat as undefined.

    * If the file specified by DISTCC_LOG can't be opened, then show an
      error and use stderr.  Previously, error messages were just lost.


    * New "masquerade" mode: distcc can be linked into a directory on the
      search path as 'cc'.  By Wayne Davison and Martin Pool.
    * Detect number of online processors on the server.  At the moment it is
      just logged but in the future it might be used to guide scheduling.
      Thanks to Dimitri Papadopoulos-Orfanos for describing how to do this on
      many operating systems.

    * Log signal name when terminating, on systems with strsignal().


    * Internal CPU efficiency fixes in logging and RPC code.


    * Apparently now builds on IRIX.  Reports about whether it works would be

    * Fix cast in call to sprintf for platforms where ssize_t != int.  Found
      on Alpha Linux in the hp Compaq testdrive.

    * Clean up some warnings on IRIX.

    * Fix problem with vsnprintf() declarations on Solaris 8.

    * Cope when in_addr_t and socklen_t are not defined, as is the case on
      FreeBSD 3.3.

    * Fix test suite to allow for 'true' and 'false' being in /usr/bin on


    * Many internal updates to ComfyChair framework.  

    * Test suite now works with Python 1.5 or later.

    * Add new undocumented (heh) "--lifetime" option that causes the daemon to
      expire after a certain period.

    * Specify limited lifetime when running daemon, so that if it is not
      cleaned up by the tests it will go away after a little while anyhow.

    * Use "--allow" to limit connections to localhost when running
      daemon for testing.

    * Use randomly chosen TCP port for the server when running tests.  This
      makes repeated or concurrent invocations of the test less likely to

    * On machines without Python, just say "test skipped" rather than failing.

    * Test DISTCC_LOG being set to an unwriteable file.


    * The GNU Info form of the manual is no longer included in the source
      distribution or installed by default.  It can be built from SGML if
      desired, with "make install-linuxdoc-info".

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