[distcc] Two incompatibilities between distcc & C++/configure

Martin Pool mbp at samba.org
Thu Jan 30 23:03:24 GMT 2003

On 30 Jan 2003, Lezz Giles <lgiles at starentnetworks.com> wrote:

> C++ has a pragma "implementation" which uses the source
> filename to decide what to do (we're usig GCC 3.0.3, but
> I think this is true in more versions than just this one),
> and since distcc changes the filename on the server that
> is compiling the file, the resulting object file is wrong.

>From reading the gcc manual, it looks like this form would avoid the

  `#pragma implementation "OBJECTS.h"'

     If you use `#pragma implementation' with no argument, it applies to
     an include file with the same basename(1) as your source file.
     For example, in `allclass.cc', giving just `#pragma implementation'
     by itself is equivalent to `#pragma implementation "allclass.h"'.

I'm not saying you have to change your source -- I just want to
understand what's happening.


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