[distcc] Distcc and ICC -ipo

Thomas Walker Thomas.Walker at morganstanley.com
Thu Jan 30 19:08:21 GMT 2003

Has anyone taken a look at distcc behaviour with the icc -ipo (inter
process optimization) option?  From what I can tell reading
documentation online, icc -ipo returns object files that contian IR
(intermediate representation) data that is used to optimize across
multiple object files.  The linkage phase then actually calls the
compiler a second time to perform optimizations and then linking.  From
the way I understand the inner workings of distcc, the initial pass
could be performed remotely but then the optimization and linking would
have to be performed locally (and the load of this optimization phase is
heavy and would substaintially reduce distcc's effectiveness).

Does this sound right?  My understanding of icc's -ipo option is pretty
rudimentary but it seems to rule out any sort of distributed compile
architecture aside from an openmosix style cpu cluster...  Does anyone
who understands icc -ipo and/or distcc better (or has actually tried
setting this up) have any insight?


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