SENDFILE fix not working, on to tcp_cork (Re: HAVE_SENDFILE change not effective (Re: [distcc] Problems with distcc hanging on large compiles))

Martin Pool mbp at
Fri Aug 30 19:56:00 GMT 2002

On 30 Aug 2002, "Hien D. Ngo" <hien at> wrote:
> Got through 3 or 4 complete cycles before getting stuck again (each cycle takes 
> about 1 hour to complete.)  This is on RH 7.2 (distcc) and 7.3 (distccd) machines.  
> I ran a parallel test on RH 6 machines and got tons of the old
> errors (FIN_WAIT1).

I really need to see what the kernel sockets timers say, by you
running "netstat -to" to understand what is going wrong there.


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