[distcc] Re: Patch for problem with distcc and ccache

Marcus Gruendler Marcus.Gruendler at aixigo.de
Thu Aug 15 00:55:01 GMT 2002

Chris Halls wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 11:37:37AM +0200, Marcus Gruendler wrote:
>>I have applied the patch to distcc-0.7 and now everything works fine! 
> Great, but I think you'll probably find ccache still doesn't cache the files
> properly.  Martin has committed another change to CVS, where the warning
> about not distributing the file is not produced.  This was due to ccache
> calling the preprocessor first (which always runs on the local machine), and
> including the output of distcc in the hash for the cache.
> Really ccache, needs to know about distcc instead of thinking that it is the
> compiler.
> Chris

Oh, does this mean ccache will return the cached object not matter if it was 
called together with distcc or not? This would be very nice indeed!

Currently it seems to me that ccache caches all objects that are created with 
distcc. This works alright. But of course it returns other objects that have 
been created without distcc, although the are actually the same...

Bye, Marcus

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