[cifs-protocol] [REG:116102714860400] [MS-RPCE] epm_Map object uuid ignored?

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Hi Andreas,

Thank you for your question.  We created SR 116102714860400 to track this issue.  An engineer with the protocols team will contact you soon.


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I would like some clarification about: ept_map Method

The resulting method definition is specified as follows.

void ept_map(
	[in] handle_t hEpMapper,
	[in, ptr] UUID* obj,
	[in, ptr] twr_p_t map_tower,
	[in, out] ept_lookup_handle_t* entry_handle,
	[in, range(0,500)] unsigned long max_towers,
	[out] unsigned long* num_towers,
	[out, ptr, size_is(max_towers), length_is(*num_towers)]
	twr_p_t* ITowers,
	[out] error_status* status

obj: Optionally specifies an object UUID. A value of NULL indicates that no object UUID is specified.

	From our investigation, it looks like the obj is completely ignored in
	Windows and this is not documented. The OpenGroup implementation checks if
   it is a valid object id of a registered interface.

Could you please clarify in the docs if it is ignored and if not what is the difference to the OpenGroup implementation or specification.


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