[cifs-protocol] Correction, assistance request: MS-DRSR Partial Attribute Set

Sebastian Canevari Sebastian.Canevari at microsoft.com
Wed Jul 2 19:10:18 GMT 2008

Hi Metze,

Thanks for your question!

I'll be reviewing the information and I will let you know about my findings as soon as I have news.


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I was testing the behavior of the pPartialAttrSet and pPartialAttrSetEx members of DRS_MSG_GETCHGREQ_V8.

Please document what the difference between two is!

Is it necessary to pass the PrefixTableDest, when passing pPartialAttrSet and/or pPartialAttrSet? What happens when the PrefixTableDest is missing?

Testing shows that the pPartialAttrSet is ignored if DRS_WRIT_REP is set in ulFlags.

Is it somehow possible to replicate just the "unicodePwd" attribute?
If I skip the DRS_WRIT_REP flag I'm getting only empty attribute values.
If I add the DRS_WRIT_REP I'm getting all attributes.

Stefan Metzmacher - Samba Team

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