[Syd-Wireless] Re: [OT] Re: Australian Wireless Association AGM for 2003

Duane support at sydneywireless.com
Tue Oct 21 08:49:24 EST 2003

Hello Craig,

CM> What you may be referring to is the democratic system at work. There was
CM> quite a few ideas that yes, you did have however due to a majority vote by
CM> the rest of the board they were dismissed or not implemented exactly as you
CM> suggested as the rest of the board did not agree to what was being proposed.

And quite possibly a lot of others would have disagreed with in the
public too... As I said, me joining had no effect the first time
round, what would make me want to exert effort for no effect this time
round as well?

CM> Due to requirements in the Associations rules (which you were involved in
CM> writing) this is not possible.

CM> This makes internet based form submission and voting against our own rules.

Then perhaps this should have been tabled as well to be changed?

I can't see people coming from Perth that disagree with the situation
just to vote against it, after all if AWA lives up to the original
goals then it will have impact on them...

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