[OT] Re: Australian Wireless Association AGM for 2003

Craig Mead craig at australianwireless.org
Tue Oct 21 08:44:20 EST 2003

> I already found out being on the board had no effect the first time
> round...

What you may be referring to is the democratic system at work. There was
quite a few ideas that yes, you did have however due to a majority vote by
the rest of the board they were dismissed or not implemented exactly as you
suggested as the rest of the board did not agree to what was being proposed.

> As for those in other states wishing to have their say in the form of
> a vote, this is yet another thing I tried pushing for, if it's
> supposed to be for more then just Sydney why not implement internet
> voting, it's neither difficult nor impossible to come close to
> ideal, well at least you could prevent the pets and the dead from voting.

Due to requirements in the Associations rules (which you were involved in
writing) this is not possible.

I quote...

"19.2 - The notice appointing the proxy shall include:
the name of the Member wishing to appoint the proxy;
the name of the proxy;
the date of the Meeting for which the proxy is appointed;
a list of the resolutions on which the proxy is authorised to vote
including, for each resolution, whether the proxy is to vote for or against
that resolution; and
the dated signature of the Member who wishes to appoint the proxy."

In reference to the final point "the dated signature of the Member "....

The only form of electronic transmission which is legally binding when
carrying a signature is by facsimile.

This makes internet based form submission and voting against our own rules.

Regards, Craig Mead
Vice President
Australian Wireless Association

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