Win XP Home and Linux (Mdk and Knoppix)

Galdes, Andrew (ERHS) galdes.andrew at
Mon Oct 20 14:05:24 EST 2003

I have a skynet wireless pcmcia card for my laptop. I have another laptop
which uses another brand but same spec wireless pcmcia card. Both cards talk
to each other fine in windows (XP Home and XP Pro). However, when I use the
skynet card in Linux (tried mandrake and knoppix) the XP Home system doesn't
see the network. Also the Linux system doesn't see the XP Home system. This
is in ad-hoc mode. The systems don't appear to have any connectivity. The
network works fine with a crossover cable. I suspect that the problem is at
a hardware level. Not sure though.

I have noticed a few strange things happen.

1. The skynet card doesn't actually say its 802.11b compatible (I believe
its 802.11-dc or something like that). When I plug the card into the Linux
system and type in "iwconfig" the card displays as running at 11MB/s which
is good. However, when I change the ip address of that card like this
"ifconfig eth1 up" it changes to 2MB/s. 

2. In windows XP Pro, the skynet card reports as only running at 2MB/s all
of the time. The XP Home system (not using skynet card) reports as running
at 11MB/s. 

3. We have a community network in my town (Lincoln) and each laptop (XP Home
on one and Knoppix or Mandrake on the other) can see all other computers on
the network but not each other. WINS shows each other of course (There is a
WINS server) but no connectivity between the laptops. Other systems on the
network are contactable by each laptop.

Things I have checked are:
	a) essid is the same
	b) channel is the same
	c) same IP range

Any ideas?

Andrew Galdes

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