Setup of Wireless LAN for thin client network

Stephen Liu satimis at
Fri Nov 14 16:07:50 EST 2003

Hi all folks

OS Linux
Thin client Network

Just join this list.

I am running a thin client system - LTSP/K12osn.  Each diskless desktop 
workstation is without hard drive.  They are connected to the server via 
a switch and running X server (X window) from the latter on their screen 
and booted with a rom on NIC.  Notebook connection is also possible 
booted from floppy with a booting image installed.

Now I am prepared to convert the system to Wireless LAN.  According to 
suggestion for diskless desktop workstation it is possible.  For 
notebook chance is remote.

Any folk on this forum has experience on its setup, kindly shed me some 
light or any pointer would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Stephen Liu

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