Access Points and Lightning

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Not a lot you can do to protect your equipment, you might be able to protect
from the strike, but the transient voltage that can be induced would be
another killer of the equipment ..

One way is to put the antenna on top of the pole, run a length of
ldf4-50/5-50/lmr400 etc down to the equipment and put in surge arrestors and
grouding kits, one as it comes into the house/building and one before the
grounding kit... tie it all off with a nice 6mm earth strap or bar and you
are better protected...

Mark Allen

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> I am wondering how lightning affects access points, in an outdoor
> environment.
> I've got an AP mounted in a pvc pipe fully wrapped in aluminum foil,
> with an omni mounted directly on top (no antenna cabling).  The only
> cables coming out are a 4m lan cable dangling there (for my laptop) and
> a 4 m power cable coming from a 12 battery. This is sitting on top of a
> 25m tower, about 4 meters from a lightning rod on the same tower.   Am I
> doomed, and if so, will a lightning protector help?
> I know that lightning strikes the tower about twice a year...
> Next question:  what about the same setup but with a 1 m cable and
> directional antenna - does this increase the risk?
> Akash Heimlich

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