Access Points and Lightning

Akash Heimlich akash at
Mon Mar 31 18:54:02 EST 2003

I am wondering how lightning affects access points, in an outdoor
I've got an AP mounted in a pvc pipe fully wrapped in aluminum foil,
with an omni mounted directly on top (no antenna cabling).  The only
cables coming out are a 4m lan cable dangling there (for my laptop) and
a 4 m power cable coming from a 12 battery. This is sitting on top of a
25m tower, about 4 meters from a lightning rod on the same tower.   Am I
doomed, and if so, will a lightning protector help?
I know that lightning strikes the tower about twice a year...
Next question:  what about the same setup but with a 1 m cable and
directional antenna - does this increase the risk?

Akash Heimlich

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