ACX100_pci.o on a WL-8305 Planet wireles PCI adapter

Mihnea B mihneabaia at
Fri Mar 28 07:57:10 EST 2003


Have anyone tried (and succeeded) to use the
ACX100_pci.o linux driver (the only one available for
ACX100_pci.o based devices as far as I know) on a
WL-8305 Planet wireless PCI adapter?
I have been trying using it on a Mandrake 8.2 with
kernel 2.4.18-6 and it all seems to go smoothly until
the comunication itself, which is unsuccessful...
I mean, it is successfully inserted into the kernel,
it even successfuly performs a site survey (although
sometimes, it crashes blocking the whole system). I
have configured the mode, the channel, the TX rate and
the essid. I have even managed to get the hardware
address of the remote access point (using: wlanctl
wlan0 getapaddr).
The other endpoint is properly configured (the
comunication is perfect if I install the device under
windoze and use the same settings)...
I found only one thing that I think is the source of
the problem. The MAC address of my wireless adapter is
reported diferent under linux than under windows: I
mean in windows it is: 00:30:4F:20:83:4A and in linux
it is repoted (using ifconfig) as: 00:08:4F:20:83:4A.
The difference is only the second byte!!! As far as I
know, the first 3 bytes represent the vendor. I think
the problem is somewhere in the driver. 
When I try to ping the other end, I don't get any
reply. Looking at the arp table, I found for the IP
address of the other end an <incomplete> entry
although that host is up and running properly.
Did anyone have the same problem? Does anyone have an
idea on how to fix this?


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