Problem running wlan-orinoco

Jean-Jacques Tchouto tchouto at
Thu Mar 27 22:41:50 EST 2003

I have a problem while running my WLAN orinoco 802.11 on my notebook 
(IBM A20m) with Redhat8.0 and Kernel 2.4.20 (without patches) and the driver 
version orinoco-0.13c. My system start and recognise well my WLAN card, but 
after a short time, I receive from /var/log/messages the following error 

eth1: Tx timeout! ALLOCFID=0000, TXCOMPLFID=0000, EVSTAT=0000

and nothing work at all. That means, I can't use WLAN to make connection.
Is that problem already known ?
When yes I need some advices.

Best regards,

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