PF_PACKET and Orinoco card

Jean Tourrilhes jt at
Sat Mar 8 04:38:18 EST 2003

> and call: sendto(packet_socket, message, sizeof(message), 0, (struct sockaddr *) &recv_addr, tolen)
> the sendto function also return sucessful transmit, and /proc/net/dev then return 1 packet is transmit and no errs. However I receiver sde, I received 0 length message
> Any ideas why? I am using kernel version: 2.4.18-14 and trying to send and receive data through Orinoco card (with Orinoco driver build in)

	Does you packet has the proper source MAC address (the one of
the card) ? And does it have a proper destination MAC address (the
other card or multicast). If not, it won't work.


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