DHCP and orinoco_cs

Timothy Murphy tim at birdsnest.maths.tcd.ie
Mon Mar 3 00:04:19 EST 2003

On Saturday 01 March 2003 19:15, Matt Blake Oefinger wrote:
> My RedHat 7.3 machine recognizes my Orinoco Silver card at boot, assigns
> it to eth1, and loads the orinoco_cs module and dependencies. I then run
> 'ifconfig eth0 down' to disable my wired eth0 card, followed by 'ifconfig
> eth1 up' to activate my Orinoco card. The Orinoco card's lights turn on
> and the activity light flashes, indicating successful activation.
> However, 'ifconfig eth1' shows that the card has no IP address. I run
> 'netconfig eth1' and select DHCP IP assignment, then restart the card by
> performing 'ifconfig eth1 down' then 'ifconfig eth1 up,' but 'ifconfig
> eth1' still shows that my card has no IP address assigned.
> I have verified the card and network on Windows so I know the DHCP server
> and infrastructure is in place and functional.
> Any suggestions as to how I can successfully obtain an IP address via DHCP
> would be greatly appreciated!

I'm far from expert, but what does /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts say?
My entry reads (in part)
# Lucent Wavelan IEEE (+ Orinoco, RoamAbout and ELSA)
    INFO="Wavelan IEEE (settings for william)"
Also, my /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-etho
(I guess this should be set by netconfig) reads

I think that on RedHat, "service pcmcia restart"
is probably simpler than what you are doing.

Why do you need to disable eth0, as a matter of interest?
Is it actually connected to the network?
If so, wouldn't it be simpler to disconnect it?
(I'm probably showing my ignorance of these matters.)

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