Canberra Freenet BBQ

Alastair D'Silva deece at
Thu Feb 20 10:59:20 EST 2003

I'm organizing a BBQ for the Canberra Freenet on March 1st, around
lunchtime. If you're interested in connecting to the Freenet, you're
welcome to come down and have a chat (BYO gibbs).

The main hub is on top of Monash Ridge (I've got another one in Federation
Park, but its position is less than ideal), so atm we're looking for
people with line of sight to there. We'll put a baloon up on the day, so
bring your binoculars if you're coming!

I'll post more details as they come on

Alastair D'Silva      mob: 0413 485 733
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New Millennium Networking

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