orinoco silver and orinoco_cs

Ramin Alidousti ramin at cannon.eng.us.uu.net
Thu Sep 26 03:43:15 EST 2002

> *) Set the essid/key/mode to the appropriate values but I still see the
>    freq being 2.457GHz (channel 10) while the AP is using 2.412GHz 
>    (channel 1). Hence no communication between the card and the AP.

OK. Thanks to everyone who responded (and also the ones who took the
time to read this thread).

I finally gave up on changing the freq on the card and changed the
freq on the access point and all works fine now. But here is my question:
from the replies I'd received, it seems that the freq of the card
is determined by the AP (assuming that the card is in the Managed mode).
If this statement is true, how come my AP was set to use 2.412GHz
and the card stubbornly refused to be set accordingly (either manually
or automagically) to comply with the AP?


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