orinoco silver and orinoco_cs

Ramin Alidousti ramin at cannon.eng.us.uu.net
Wed Sep 25 04:40:35 EST 2002

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 11:15:56AM -0700, Jim Carter wrote:

> > *) Set the essid/key/mode to the appropriate values but I still see the
> >    freq being 2.457GHz (channel 10) while the AP is using 2.412GHz
> >    (channel 1). Hence no communication between the card and the AP.
> Hmmm, that should have worked. Does iwconfig show the AP's MAC address, or

No. What I see is all 0 for the MAC of the AP.

> the generic default (which would indicate it never associated)? The card
> has to be "up" for most/all of the changes to become effective, i.e. it's

Yes, I do bring up the interface "ifconfig eth0 up" prior to doing the
iwconfig changes.

> OK to set them when the card is not up, but you won't see any action. You
> did say "ifconfig eth0 192.168.x.y" (substituting a legitimate IP address
> on your net), didn't you? It will also work to use as the IP
> address, just to get the card up, then let dhcpcd or dhclient or pump work
> on getting a real IP address.  Assuming the card associates.  This is what
> the PCMCIA wireless script does.
> > *) Changed the mode to ad-hoc and then tried to change the channel
> >    (or the freq for that matter) to no avail.
> Some people have reported that they put a card into Ad-Hoc mode, setting
> the channel manually, and it associated with an AP.
> Given that the card worked with the wvlan_cs driver, it's not possible to
> blame the card or the access point.

Yes. Specially when this box is a dual boot laptop (MS and Linux) and MS works
fine while Linux doesn't.

> Does anyone else on the list have any ideas?

Yes. Please.


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