orinoco silver and orinoco_cs

Ramin Alidousti ramin at cannon.eng.us.uu.net
Wed Sep 25 00:18:25 EST 2002

On Mon, Sep 23, 2002 at 05:29:15PM -0700, Jim Carter wrote:

> On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Ramin Alidousti wrote:
> > I used to use wvlan_cs with my orinoco silver card which worked
> > just fine till I upgraded my distro to the latest redhat beta
> > version. It tries to load orinoco_cs successfully. But then
> > nothing happens between the card and the access point.
> >
> > I could see that the freq has been set to a channel that my
> > access point does not support (I used to have only 4 channels
> > on both my card and the access point, but now I have 11 channels
> > on my card). Any attempts to change the freq (either with freq
> > or channel options of iwconfig) gives me an error that the operation
> > is not supported.
> The channel is controlled by the AP.  In Managed mode you can't set the
> channel on the client.  It will automatically recognize the AP and use the
> correct channel.  Perhaps the reason your card isn't associating with the
> AP is that you need to set the ESSID (network name) explicitly to the value
> being used by the AP, or for some cards, to "any".  I think the Orinoco
> cards can do "any", but I use the explicit ESSID.  The command line would
> be
>     iwconfig eth0 essid "MyNetwork"

OK. I tried this:

*) Set the essid/key/mode to the appropriate values but I still see the
   freq being 2.457GHz (channel 10) while the AP is using 2.412GHz 
   (channel 1). Hence no communication between the card and the AP.

*) Changed the mode to ad-hoc and then tried to change the channel
   (or the freq for that matter) to no avail.

The bottom line is that (regardless of the AP) I seem no to be able
to change the channel on the card. In Managed mode it gives me
"operation not supported" (which from your statement above it is
a legitimate behavior) and in ad-hoc mode it seems to run with
no error but nothing changes.


> (substituting whatever ESSID you configured your AP to use).  It's possible
> that wvlan_cs sets "any" by default, and orinoco_cs uses the default on the
> card.

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