orinoco silver and orinoco_cs

Jim Carter jimc at math.ucla.edu
Tue Sep 24 10:29:15 EST 2002

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Ramin Alidousti wrote:
> I used to use wvlan_cs with my orinoco silver card which worked
> just fine till I upgraded my distro to the latest redhat beta
> version. It tries to load orinoco_cs successfully. But then
> nothing happens between the card and the access point.
> I could see that the freq has been set to a channel that my
> access point does not support (I used to have only 4 channels
> on both my card and the access point, but now I have 11 channels
> on my card). Any attempts to change the freq (either with freq
> or channel options of iwconfig) gives me an error that the operation
> is not supported.

The channel is controlled by the AP.  In Managed mode you can't set the
channel on the client.  It will automatically recognize the AP and use the
correct channel.  Perhaps the reason your card isn't associating with the
AP is that you need to set the ESSID (network name) explicitly to the value
being used by the AP, or for some cards, to "any".  I think the Orinoco
cards can do "any", but I use the explicit ESSID.  The command line would

    iwconfig eth0 essid "MyNetwork"

(substituting whatever ESSID you configured your AP to use).  It's possible
that wvlan_cs sets "any" by default, and orinoco_cs uses the default on the

Hope this helps.

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