Incorrect data from iwconfig

Martin Pot m.t.pot at
Tue Sep 3 09:54:29 EST 2002

If you're using the card in ad-hoc mode, iwconfig and iwspy won't show any 
link details, until you use iwspy to tell it the ip address or mac address 
of the card at the other end of the link.

ie, iwspy eth3 + ipaddr|MACaddress 


> Hello, I am using wireless-tools-25-1
> when I run iwconfig I get all the right information except in the link
> quality, signal level and noise level areas.  I get zeroes.  This is
> definitely not the case, as it works! and with previous versions of the
> wireless tools and the orinoco_cs module it has given me data there. 
> what could I have wrong or what could cause this bug/error?
> System Info:
> Sony Vaio pcg-xg9 500 MHz machine
> RedHat linux 7.3
> kernel 2.4.18-10
> wireless card is a sony vaio wireless card, but its just an orinoco
> wavelan w/ a little extra tweaking done in the rom to make it behave w/
> sony's proprietary windows drivers.  Nothing that stops it from working
> fine in linux.  
> Cheers
> Phil 
> -- 
> Phillip Davis
> phil at

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