***Setup Wireless Network with Aironet 352 ***

nirav nirav at d2visp.com
Thu Mar 28 14:34:49 EST 2002

Hi to all

Sending this mail once again as nobody replied to me ... Please let me know if u 've any clue ... I'm running out of time ... 

New Question:-
I 've a link setup with Cisco aironet 352 cards ... It's working fine.
I want to setup a nework of such wireless boxes .
There would be a Central Box with a omini directional antena and multiple
boxes with directional antenas pointing towards the central box ....
Again the Central Box will be connected to Backborn (Internet) and nodes
don't need to communicated with each other.
What kind of settings will be required on the central Box ?
In which mode it will run now ... 'adhoc'/ 'infrastructure'/'accesspoint' ?
How would I authorize the remote box to get into my network and talk via my
central box?

Ok ...

Now, when we talk about network ..... there should be a topology .... (what
is the simplest topology used in radio communication ?)
There would be collision if everybody talks simultaneously ..... (is there
any CSMA/CD kind of contention protocol exists for radio communication?)
I can set a channel (frequency), speed and a SSID on a aironet box .... now,
if I want diff. remote boxes talking to central box .... can I use diff.
channel (frequency), SSID for each of them .... to differentiate ... If yes
... How to tell central box to use all those channels and speed
simultaneously for respective node? .... At present I can set the box for
single channel, data transfer rate and single SSID

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