More info on: irq problem with pcmcia-cs-3.1.33 & orinico

David Gibson hermes at
Wed Mar 13 09:53:58 EST 2002

On Mon, Mar 11, 2002 at 11:45:56PM -0800, Vic Berdin wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> This is an update on my previous message yesterday. I
> forgot to include the exact errors displayed on my
> screen as I get IRQ problems.
> Anyways, the messages are as follows:
> MSG 1> orinoco_cs: RequestIRQ: Resource in use
> Above message pops up when the orinoco_cs module
> detects that IRQ 10 is in use. And still, it kept on
> using IRQ10 (see previous message below).

The orinoco driver allows sharing IRQs with other drivers, because
some machines don't give any way to avoid sharing.  Unfortunately it
often doesn't work terribly well this way.

> This message appears when the orinoco modules loads
> and raises eth4 properly (but still using IRQ 10), and
> I'm able to make use of the wireless connection.

Hmm... that's odd.  Intersil firmware cards will be put into
promiscuous mode if any multicast addresses are set (which some
distros appear to do routinely) - because they don't appear to have
proper multicast support.

> MSG3> eth4: Null event in orinoco_interrupt
> This message keeps on showing when the orinoco modules
> succesfully loads and raises eth4. This message simply
> keeps on popping out continously as long as I have
> eth4 "up".

This is a consequence of sharing an interrupt - a "Null event" message
will occur each time a device sharing the interrupt generates an
interrupt.  The message is removed in orinoco-0.10.

> Any help on making the orinoco modules make use of
> other IRQs is greately appreciated. I don't mind even
> if I have to explicitly declare them on the source
> codes. Just tell me what value, and where to place
> them. My available IRQs are: 3,5,7, & 9 respectively.
> If possible, I would like to make use of 9 for my
> wireless interface.

Try the irq_list parameter to the orinoco module.  However some
hardware gives little or no choice about which interrupts to use.

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