DLink DWL-500 PCI with Mandrake 8.1

Mehmet Yousouf mehmety at auslin.com.au
Fri Mar 8 23:04:20 EST 2002

Hi, I've got the DWL-500 working OK on a Mandrake 8.1 distro aswell as a 
RedHat 7.2 ...... Some suggestions -
If you have the pcmcia modules, you should already have pcmcia installed.
Try starting pcmcia (/etc/initd/pcmcia start - you might have to start the 
card manager manually - "cardmgr") If you get the beeps, it is loaded and the 
card is detected.
Do you have wireless-tools installed?
you will need it to do some configuring (iwconfig will show details of your 
wireless cards)
Try "lsmod" to see which modules are loaded - chances are it will be 
wvlan_cs, you will have to edit the wireless.opts file.....
If all is fired up, use ifconfig to get the interface ip configured.

Hope this helps

Regards, Mehmet
On Monday 04 March 2002 09:01 pm, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am trying to get a DLINK DWL-500, which is really a
> PCI->PCMCIA adapter for DWL-650, working  with my
> desktop machine running Mandrake 8.1. I tried loading
> the orinoco.o with modprobe and it gets loaded along
> with hermes.o but I dont see any new interface as a
> result. Any pointers will be appreciated. Do I need to
> install pcmcia etc?
> Thanks
> Nikunj.

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