Community based wireless LAN in Adelaide - interest?

Simon Hackett simon at
Mon Mar 4 12:04:51 EST 2002

At 10:47 AM +1030 4/3/02, Greg Lehey wrote:
>3.  There are some somewhat unclear legal regulations.  Some point to
>     legislation requiring you to be a carrier in order to run a
>     wide-area network, others point to exemptions for the 2.4 GHz
>     band.  I'm not going to try to interpret the laws myself, but the
>     fact that nets exist in other Australian cities means that it
>     seems to be possible.

I don't believe there is -any- exemption for the 2.4 Ghz band.

A 'class license' for use of radio spectrum without paying even more 
money to the government isn't an exemption from the 
Telecommunications Act in any respect. They are orthogonal to each 


(... who has -no- problem with the concept of a hobby spread spectrum 
WAN, but still believes that it happens to be illegal to run one in 
this country. NB there that won't necessarily stop people, of course, 
and its up to them what they do about it. If you mean it, call the 
ACA and -ask them- if its legal. That is what they are there for).

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