Community based wireless LAN in Adelaide - interest?

Andrew Reid andrew.reid at
Mon Mar 4 14:31:21 EST 2002

On Mon, 2002-03-04 at 12:34, Simon Hackett wrote:

> (... who has -no- problem with the concept of a hobby spread spectrum 
> WAN, but still believes that it happens to be illegal to run one in 
> this country. NB there that won't necessarily stop people, of course, 
> and its up to them what they do about it. If you mean it, call the 
> ACA and -ask them- if its legal. That is what they are there for).

That's what I asked them once. They basically said, "So long as you
don't connect it to a public network (i.e., the Internet), you can go
for your life, within the restrictions of the 2.4GHz band".

So, I'd have thought from that comment that an inter-house or
inter-organization WAN would be acceptable, but then again, it might

I haven't got any spare moments today, but would someone that has time
(and there are *plenty* of people out there) ring them? The ACA's
(shocking and disgusting) website says that their number is 1300 850 115
for people outside Melbourne (i.e., us).

   - andrew

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