Community based wireless LAN in Adelaide - interest?

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Mon Mar 4 11:48:47 EST 2002

What kind of range would be involved? Anything out in the Virginia area

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On Monday,  4 March 2002 at  8:10:14 +1030, Luke Schapel wrote:
> Aristotle wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Has anyone seen
>> Any interest in getting a community based wireless LAN link going in
>> Adelaide?
> I am extremely interested. I have grabbed three Galaxy antennae, and am
> in the process of modding them for 2.4Gb. Also have a couple on cards
> and have just loaded FreeBSD (sorry folks :)) to use as an AP and
> router. Next is an Omni and I'm up. I have listed my node here -
> but it doesn't look very active (been down for two weeks).
> I went to the last AUUG meeting and talked to a guy who knew of some
> people who were interested, but failed to get any contacts :( (mea
> culpa).

Hmm, that could have been me.

You should be aware of the wireless networking list at
(copied).  See for further

There's been a fair amount of traffic on that list relating to setting
up networks in Adelaide.  The current situation is:

1.  There is nothing yet.
2.  There's a fair amount of interest.
3.  There are some somewhat unclear legal regulations.  Some point to
    legislation requiring you to be a carrier in order to run a
    wide-area network, others point to exemptions for the 2.4 GHz
    band.  I'm not going to try to interpret the laws myself, but the
    fact that nets exist in other Australian cities means that it
    seems to be possible.

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