Address lines used in Wireless LAN Card

james takkar jamestakkar1234 at
Sat Mar 2 23:13:08 EST 2002


I am working on SA1100 assabet processor using 2.4.12 kernel. I have  problem in routing all the Address Lines from SA1100 to PCMCIA slot on the PCB.

I am using ORINOCO wireless LAN card.

I wanted to know if all the address lines are required by the
device driver for this wireless LAN card.

Please let me know if it will be necessary to route all the address lines(A[25:0]) from the processor to the PCMCIA slot for the wireless LAN cards. Also, I needed to identify which address lines are required for the complete functioning of the wireless LAN cards.

I expect this decision will be based on the accesses to segments/blocks(deciding the MSB lines required) and the maximum number of locations accessed within any segment (deciding the LSB lines required) of the PCMCIA address space by the device driver.

Thanks for any help or any pointers.

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