Correct way of using the orinoco_cs driver

Steven Hanley sjh at
Tue Jan 22 12:01:42 EST 2002

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 12:42:20AM +1000, Mike O'Connor wrote:
> I linked the include/asm and include/linux because thats what supposed to
> happen. Must current Disto do not and this causes problem, at least thats what I
> have seen from my reading of the linux kernel mail list.

well lets see, Linus has often said, do not ship distributions with direct
links to some specific kernel source headers, ship it with a snapshot that
thew glibc people have created of the headers. 

The kernel (even a stable series) according to Linus has the right to change
the way the headers would work, which can cause glibc and other parts of the
systemn to be come severely messed up. 

No distributions do it anymore as Linus told them not to on pain of shit
hitting the fan in a big way.

If you do use whatever headers came with the latest kernel, go ahead but there
is no guarantee things will work.

/usr/include stuff should all come from glibc. If something needs the actual
current kernel headers (say some kernel modules you compile outside the
tree) or similar (user sace stuff should not be dependant on the current
kernel headers, they should be dependant on the headers shipped with glibc,
Linus has stated this many times over the years.

So from time to time you may need to use some other header breifly for
compilation (like the bug that was causing segfaults a few months ago with an
old version of wireless tools when you didnt use the kenrel header) but this
does not mean you should use all the kernel headers form the latest kernel
that may o may not work with your userspace.

Linus and other kernel people have said time and time again that they make no
guarntees of behavior of user space for this, tit is up to the glibc people to
proivide the interface (a stable working interface).

So do otherwise at your own risk I suppose.

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