Problem with Gold card

mwbogus at mwbogus at
Sat Jan 19 12:05:02 EST 2002

Hello, I have been using the three gold cards with the wvlan_cs driver with
no difficulties for quite some time now. But, I upgraded the firmware to 8.1
to take advantage of the avoidance of the weak initialization vector
weakness in WEP. After that, my wireless network will not work after a
period of time, sometimes hours, sometimes minutes.

It seems like the keys are no longer in synch or something. The only way to
get the network working again is to either reset the encryption key
(sometimes doesn't work) or stop and restart the pcmcia card and then reset
the wavelan parameters using iwconfig.

Anyway, I was wondering if the new orinoco_cs driver is capable of working
with this new hardware? Has anyone had any success or experiences with this
new firmware and the current orinoco_cs driver contained in the latest

Thanks for any help,

Matthew Ward

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