2MBit wlan and linux drivers

Daniel Winkler post at danielwinkler.de
Sat Jan 12 03:09:29 EST 2002


I have got problems with our 2MBit wavelan here. The infrastructure:

- ELSA LanCom L-2 (2 MBit, Z-Com-wavelan card, cheap ;-), connected by
Ethernet to an old Linux box (DHCP, Router, etc.)
- ELSA AirLancer 11 (alias Orinoco), AirLancer 2 (Z-Com, same as build-in
the access point)
- Windows and Linux (SuSE Linux 7.3, Kernel 2.4.10, but same on other Linux

I do not have any problems under Windows. But my cards do not work under
Linux at all.

The situation:
I insert the card and start the PCMCIA services. No problems. But as soon as
I restart the DHCP client to fetch an IP my system locks within 10 sec.
Totally. (10 secondes, sometimes sooner, sometimes later..) No keyboard
events are accepted, the Caps Lock LED is on and sometimes the system even
reboots itsself. Without starting the DHCP service, iwconfig shows the right
data, (Network, signal strength etc.), the driver is loaded without any
errors, but as soon as I get an IP (yes, my PC gets an IP, but thats all..)
the system locks. Console 10 tells me:

"Oops: 0000
Code ...
 <0>Kernel panic: Aiee, killing interrut handler!
In interrupt handler - not syncing"

Some additional information:
- My system works without problems at university (11MBit access points, also
from ELSA). The same configuration causes a crash at home.
- At university they also had a similar problem (killed Linux notebooks)
after a firmware update. They fixed the problem by disabling an option like
"disconnect all inactive clients". Unfortunately, my 2MBit access point does
not offer an option like this to disable.

Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem?


Daniel Winkler

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