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Mon Jan 7 13:22:51 EST 2002

The easiest thing if you want to learn and play about with RF is to go and 
get the limited amateur radio operators license.  That will let you use 
pretty much any amateur band from VHF upwards, and I don't think Morse code 
is a requirement anymore.  You need to do some study and take an exam but 
it's not too tricky and you can get plenty of help from other operators in 
the ACT.  You can then muck with satellites and whatnot from your back 
yard.  This way you can learn about RF, have a large scope for 
experimentation on all sorts of frequencies and power levels and you can do 
it at your own pace.  And the theory isn't all that tricky (no calculus, 
just a bit of algebra), it's applied versus the evil and nasty theoretical.

Check out for more information.

I knew a guy in the ACT who made his own dual stacked helical antennas for 
his UHF rig and quite easily talked to other operators in Sydney.  And a 
friend of mine (before he got a girlfriend) had a big rhombic antenna on 
his garage for working various amateur satellites on the 2m band.  I think 
he was pinging it to test the true round trip time as the satellite passed 

That's the sort of thing you can do and you'll learn a lot.


At 11:29 AM 7/01/2002 +1100, you wrote:
>thats cool ... but i was kinda looking for some 3rd party thing, even if
>its onlythe basics of RF using only one certain products. I have seen some 
>courses around...
>Id prefer not to have to do a 4 year uni degree as im a IT Security geek
>at themoment. Id prefer to find something I can pick up on the side...
>btw. I am playing, just need to find someone in the ACT area i can point
>my kitat now...
>thanks for your input :)

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