FYI: solution for Dell Inspiron 7000, redhat 7.2, orinoco_cs 0.09a

Chris McDonough chrism at
Sun Jan 6 11:19:46 EST 2002

This message is sent in the interest of helping other folks who have 
"weird" issues getting orinoco_cs working on Dell Inspiron &k machines. 
  I was able to glean enough information from this list to come up with 
this little nugget of information for all Dell Inspiron 7K users of the 
orinoco_cs module.

"Out of the box", I think Redhat 7.2 tried to use the wvlan_cs driver to 
support my Wavelan/IEEE (Lucent Silver card).  It was rewarded by kernel 

I got rid of the attempts to use the wvlan_cs driver by installing the 
orinoco_cs stuff as a kernel module.  Life was better because my machine 
didn't crash, but I still couldn't make the card actually work.  I would 
insert the card and see stuff like this show up in /var/log/message:

hermes.c: 3 Oct 2001 David Gibson <hermes at>
orinoco.c 0.08a (David Gibson <hermes at> and others)
orinoco_cs.c 0.08a (David Gibson <hermes at> and others)
eth0: Error -110 reading firmware info. Wildly guessing capabilities...
eth0: Station identity 0000:0000:0000:0000
eth0: Looks like an Intersil firmware version 0.00
eth0: Intersil firmware earlier than v0.08 - several features not 
supported.<7>eth0: Ad-hoc demo mode supported.
hermes @ 0x100: Error -16 issuing command.
eth0: failed to read MAC address!
orinoco_cs: register_netdev() failed

On a tip from somewhere in the recent past within this maillist, I 
edited my /etc/pcmcia/config.opts file and changed:

include port 0x100-x4ff, port 0x00-0xcff


include port 0x300-x4ff, port 0x00-0xcff

and for good measure I added below that line:

exclude port 0x100-0x2ff

.. and now all is happy.

HTH someone,

Chris McDonough                    Zope Corporation   
"Killing hundreds of birds with thousands of stones"

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