First cut at wireless utils autoconf [patch]

Brad Hards bhards at
Tue Jan 1 00:04:42 EST 2002

G'day Jean,

After some trouble with installing the wireless tools (mainly because I 
hadn't RTFM), I spent a few hours on learning about autoconf. 
The attached patch is provided for comment (in particular, will you accept a 
./configure based system). I am not sure I properly understand what each of 
the defines is meant to accomplish, but it works for me (with 2.4.9 kernel, 
and glibc 2.2)

It could definately use some more testing (hence, sent to wireless mailing 
list as well). If anyone finds problems, please send corrective patches. If 
you can't resolve it, please hold off sending mailbombs until after 21 Jan 
2002, because I am on the wrong side of Australian to my ADSL link, working 
over a 28k8 modem at long-distance rates.

To apply, you need to have wireless tools 22, and apply the patch. Then run 
autoconf to generate the configure script (would normally be run before 
packaging, but I didn't want the patch to be so large). Then just run the 
configure script and make. There is one configuration option that I have 
added for selecting whether to use the private wireless.h - see ./configure 

Ensure that it works with other kernels / libraries.
Fix up the installation stuff (this patch just tries to address the header / 
defines problem).
Add better installation documentation.
Maybe switch to automake.

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