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Thu Dec 5 16:49:39 EST 2002

Hello wireless,

  Since we can't seem to easily obtain decent mapping data, we're
  planning to actually create our own...

  The data will be fairly basic vector type layers that can be munched
  into something meaningful...

  Idea at this stage is to create a simple XML type client for any/all
  OS's that can pull data from GPS units...

  Idea is you walk up to a intersection, grab GPS location (to as best
  as possible the centre of the intersection without getting killed ;)
  note the street names, (St, rd, etc etc) how many lanes, and other
  bits that will make it useful. At this stage we're after any
  suggestions on what data would be useful to capture etc...

  Also trying to find out if people would be willing to go out and map
  their suburbs or even surrounding suburbs, the data we plan to
  release royalty free to anyone that wants it, some guys in the US
  already have the mapping infrastructure to plot these vector points
  into images... Because it will be royalty free there won't be any
  issues with sharing it, because it won't be owned by any company

  There are a lot of groups that could benefit from this apart from
  wireless so there is a potential for a lot of collaboration between
  different parts of the community to make this happen... and share in
  the benefits of having it...  

Best regards,
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